iBase can be hosted either in our secure Amazon AWS environment, or using your own existing on-premise or cloud-based infrastructure. Full installation into your environment is provided as part of our solution at no extra cost.

Our cloud-based environment is hosted within Amazon's AWS London datacenter, which provides superlative application and data security thanks to the use of load-balanced application servers with automatic scaling, and S3 data storage with 99.99% resilience.

Data can also be replicated to an entirely separate physical location if further resilience is required. All of our databases are backed up at 15 minute intervals and we leverage AWS's versioning facility to protect against accidental deletions or overwrites.

For client-based installations, we will provide full details of what is required for us to carry out the deployment. We support Windows, MacOS and Linux operating systems, SQL Server and Oracle databases, and iBase can be deployed into either AWS or Azure environments if required.

For further details of our cloud-based and on-premise offerings, please see Prices.

Installation and configuration

Whether deploying to your environment or ours, there is no additional cost for the installation of iBase. Configuration of the system is fully specified and costed before implementation, so there are never any hidden unpleasant surprises.

Data migration

iBase has extensive experience with migrating data either from other systems or from unstructured sources such as spreadsheets and text files. We can provide a full data migration service or advice as and when is required.

At iBase we understand that existing data may be held within a variety of structured or unstructured sources. Over the years we have extracted and migrated data from a wide array of legacy systems and combined them into appropriate single or multiple metadata schemas within iBase.


The iBase team can integrate with any existing systems that you may have in place, either using our read / write API or via other means. We have integrated iBase with an assortment of diverse systems over the years, using a variety of methods.

For example, the integration for a number of our clients is handled via the use of flat files and watch folder imports. For other clients a two-way integration is set up using the API, allowing data to be both read from and passed to a Collections Management System (CMS).


Every new iBase client receives comprehensive user and administrator training at the point of delivery. We also provide online resources for additional training and further training can be arranged at any point after deployment.

Training sessions are typically arranged for primary users via video call and screen-share – these can be recorded for further distribution to other users as required. Initial training is usually split into two two-hour sessions and will cover all of the main features of the system, including content management and system administration.

Additional training can be arranged any time after initial deployment for a nominal fee and we also supply comprehensive tutorial videos covering many of the more frequently discussed topics.


All iBase cloud-based subscriptions include our comprehensive user and technical support as standard. On-premise clients may also take out an optional support contract if required, which then also results in their qualifying for heavily discounted upgrades.

iBase's outstanding customer support is universally lauded. Our swift response, in-depth knowledge of our clients' systems and ability to quickly and fully resolve issues are often flagged by clients. Unlike faceless corporations, the iBase team takes a personal approach to customer support.

Our service also frequently extends beyond support of the product itself and into the broader aspects of how our clients work, which means we are exceptionally well placed to assist with workflow or integration issues.

Please contact us with any support-related queries.

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