Digital asset management (DAM) is a centralised repository to store all your files, making it much easier to retrieve, access and maintain your assets, no matter the size of your company. A DAM system can transform the way your company works, interacts with customers and manages with the ever-growing demands in today's modern world.

The question is, who uses it? In this post, we'll look at four key industries where DAM comes in handy.

1. Digital marketing

Digital agencies have a large number of files to store, so a DAM system can help massively. Keeping track of hundreds, or even thousands, of files can be difficult for anyone, let alone a digital agency with various employees, a number of offices or multiple clients to meet with.

So, with a DAM system, your digital agency can manage your large number of files with ease, storing them with a number of metadata tags to make organising and retrieving files quick and easy.

2. Retail

Retail companies often have a large amount of stock to manage and organise. Similarly, they will have a lot of images, product descriptions and product specifications for that stock. That's why DAM systems are often used by retail organisations.

On top of that, DAM systems can help to maintain brand consistency, which can give retail organisations a big boost with so much competition out there.

3. Museums & libraries

With large collections of artefacts, photographs or books, museums and libraries often find themselves in need of a DAM system. You can create an online display of your items by taking photos of each, storing them on your DAM system and uploading them onto the site.

Take a look at iBase's case studies to see how we have helped other museums and libraries manage and organise their countless files and assets.

4. Manufacturers

With so many offices and departments to manage, large manufacturers can often struggle to communicate new updates with the entire team. A DAM system comes in handy with the ability to add limitless users to allow everyone in the company to have access to the same files, maintaining consistency.

Also, with iBase's unlimited metadata and ability to restrict access to certain users, you can control who can access what, even down to specific metadata tags and labels. So, there's no need to worry about your employees accessing the wrong files or editing anything they shouldn't be.

iBase benefits everyone

While there are a number of industries within which DAM is most popular, all companies can benefit from a digital asset management system. From simply storing your files to collaborating with clients on projects, a DAM can transform the way you organise your business.

For more information on how you can grow your business with digital asset management, get in touch with iBase today. Our cloud-based DAM systems have everything you need to store, retrieve and organise all your files with ease.

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