When venturing out to a famous art museum or gallery becomes difficult, or even impossible – because of a global pandemic, for example – many people turn to online galleries in order to get their arts and culture fix and seek inspiration. As a result, many of the most prominent museums and galleries across the globe have created expertly curated collections of online artworks which can be easily accessed by the public.

In this post, we’ll look at five of the finest online art galleries that are literally at your fingertips. These magnificent online collections are providing a hassle-free and effective way for people to enjoy world-famous artworks and cultural gems from the comfort of their own homes.

The National Gallery

Located in London, the National Gallery has an impressively diverse selection of over 2,600 artworks available to view online via its digital art gallery. This collection includes paintings by some of the finest European artists, such as Claude Monet, Rembrandt, and Johannes Vermeer.

You can easily search for your favourite artists or paintings using the gallery's search engine, and check out highlights from the collection and the newest arrivals. There is even a Picture of the Month page, highlighting a particular stunning artwork and describing the facts behind its creation.

London Picture Archive

The London Picture Archive is an online art gallery that uses iBase software and boasts over 250,000 drawings, photographs and prints, making it a crucial resource for media outlets, academics, and researchers, as well as art-loving members of the public.

It's constantly growing digital library contains artworks and maps cataloguing hundreds of years of the capital's history, and offers plenty of interactive content for users to enjoy. That includes virtual galleries, a London Picture Map, and a gallery touch screen you can use to view and order prints.

The Lowry

Named after a famous Salford artist, The Lowry is a charity which dedicates itself to enriching people's lives through art – whether that’s dance, comedy, music or visual arts.

The organisation has a digital art gallery featuring a wide variety of artworks created by LS Lowry, its namesake, who became an acclaimed British painter. His many works can be easily viewed via the Smartify app, or explored online. Lowry was well-known for his idealised depictions of women, as well as for his urban landscapes filled with people.

Tate Britain

The iconic Tate has offered art-lovers access to its well-catalogued digital art collections ever since it first became a and began using our sophisticated DAM software back in 1998

Art UK

Art lovers, or anyone who wants to soak up a little culture from the comfort of their sofa, are sure to relish the vast collection of artists and artworks made available by Art UK's online gallery.

Among its artistic gems, you will find works by Van Gogh, Renoir, Francis Bacon, and many more. The site is home to over 40,000 artists, but you can easily search its well-curated collections by venue, artist, or by a particular work.

How using DAM can help create a spectacular online gallery

Prominent online art galleries such as Tate Britain, The Lowry, and the London Picture Archive use iBase DAM software to help them effectively catalogue and display their paintings. This software has helped with various aspects of digital gallery creation and management, including indexing, distribution, and providing metadata.

If you would like to use iBase digital management software for your online art gallery, or for any other digital assets, don't hesitate to get in touch with us and arrange a one-to-one demo.

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