Content is a living, breathing thing that should evolve with your brand. It comprises blog posts, podcasts, page copy and other marketing materials. Luckily, it's pretty straightforward to level up your library, especially when using innovative digital asset management (DAM) software. Keep reading to find out more.

Why should you refresh your content?

The most successful brands regularly update their content to prevent content decay– this happens when marketing assets become less relevant and effective over time.

Not only will you lose credibility as old content becomes inaccurate, but you'll haemorrhage website traffic. Out-of-date keywords decrease search engine rankings, meaning fewer people will discover your services or products.

We suggest performing a refresh once a year for maximum results results– Google gobbles up fresh content and rewards brands with better visibility!

Using DAM to refresh your content

Before diving into a few straightforward ways to update your content, let's run through how DAM can help.

Ultimately, it removes the stress from sifting through hundreds– if not thousands – of posts, pages, podcasts and more. You can categorise content with unique metadata and keywords, so you'll be able to locate the original assets easily.

Let's say you were adding a new image to an existing archive– you could find every piece of content relating to that archive, download the original files and revise the information to include the new image.

Three simple ways to conduct a content refresh

1. Add brand-new copy or edit existing text

One of the simplest ways to refresh your content is by adding brand-new copy to stale blog posts, landing pages, e-books and more. If you haven't done any keyword research yet, it's also an excellent opportunity to introduce several high-ranking search terms to boost visibility.

Alternatively, you could edit the existing content to reflect the most current information – this is especially crucial if you work in fast-paced or research-based industries like science, healthcare and finance.

2. Double-check external and internal links

Another reason brands refresh their content is to guarantee a top-notch user experience, which means no broken links that take consumers on a wild goose chase around the internet!

Besides causing frustration, broken links also impact SEO performance. Google uses crawlers to understand and rank your website– if they can't decipher the end-to-end user experience, they'll recommend your competitors instead.

3. Repurpose old content for new audiences

Is your old content still relevant and performing well? You might want to repurpose it for brand-new audiences. For example, you could slightly amend the marketing material around a museum collection to target different demographics. Or you could condense a long-form blog post into an eye-catching TikTok for teens.

Explore the benefits of DAM today

If your content is no longer producing results, it's time for a much-needed refresh. iBase's DAM software boasts countless clever features to simplify the process, including fuzzy searching, metadata fields and secure collaboration.

Please get in touch with our friendly team to schedule a one-to-one demo –we'll show you how DAM works hand in hand with content updates.

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