Marketing campaigns comprise have numerous elements. To be successful each part should work seamlessly with the other, creating a unified message that appeals to your target audience.

A digital asset management (DAM) platform is the perfect solution to help you reach this goal. When all assets are in a centralised location, your marketing team has the tools to be creative, effective and collaborative. Read on to see how a DAM platform can benefit your marketing operation.

How a DAM can help with marketing

1. Streamlined searching – DAM platforms are the perfect tool for when you are searching through digital assets. If you use tags, keywords and metadata, it is extremely easy to search for a precise image, document or video with no time wasted.

2. Increased organisation A major advantage of using DAM is that all your assets are stored in one place. This is extremely important for marketing teams who normally store content across many platforms. Gathering all marketing content together allows it to be easily accessible to every team member from any location.

3. Tasks can be automated Saving time is always welcome when it comes to marketing campaigns. The sooner you get your product or services out in the marketplace, the sooner you can start seeing results. Automating tasks with DAM frees up time for you to focus on more interesting and creative work.

4. Improved scalability DAM gives you the ability to increase or decrease the scale of your campaign. Adjustments will be easy and smooth when teams can use Digital Asset Management tools to tweak elements of their marketing projects.

5. Brand consistency It is important that your brand guidelines are available to all team members. Storing them on your DAM platform will make sure that everyone is clear on business values and your brand identity.

Three ways to prepare for your DAM

Clearly, DAM is something that can improve efficiency and productivity. Next, it's time to think about the particulars of your business and its current set-up. You need a strong foundation on which to build an effective marketing tech stack. Before you move to DAM, it's time to prepare your business for implementation...

  • Make sure that your whole team understands what DAM will entail and its benefits. It is important to have support from the people who will be using it the most.
  • Be clear on which areas in your marketing campaigns need improvement. You will then be able to use DAM more effectively and avoid wasting time.
  • Establish usage guidelines to ensure your team can work productively and stay compliant.

Discover what DAM can do for you with iBase

Using DAM software can give you confidence in your storage system and optimise organisational and creative options. Your marketing team will love having all assets in one location, but the benefits for your business extend way beyond content creation.

If it's time for you to make the leap to a digital storage system, iBase can guide you through the process with expert knowledge and friendly advice. Contact our professional team today to book a one-to-one demo.

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