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What to look for from a digital asset management supplier

30th November 2015

The most important aspects are of course the product and after sales service.


iBase was amongst the earliest suppliers of digital asset management systems, and our first client in 1993 was the National Media Museum, now part of the Science Museum Group (SMG) which also embraces the Science Museums in London and Manchester, and the Railway Museum in York.

iBase product and services have of course evolved a good deal over more than 20 years since we started out, and we continue to develop them in line with advances in IT generally, and as a leader in the field of digital asset management and multi-media libraries specifically.

What to look for from a digital asset management supplier

Quality of products and services

Here are extracts from just a few of the bouquets received from clients –

  • The iBase DAM software met our custom requirements perfectly.
  • They have consistently met tight deadlines and responded quickly and effectively. They are a pleasure to work with and their customer support has been fabulous.
  • All this we achieved having never met face to face, across the 10,000 miles that separate the UK from New Zealand. The iBase team is professional, expert and diligent, and comes highly recommended.
  • It’s a pleasure to work with iBase. Their customer support is exceptional – a hard thing to come by these days!

More client reviews

So why do iBase products and services stand out from others? Layout, style and branding to exactly match your requirements.

Our demo site shows how an Off the Shelf system looks by default, but you can have absolutely whatever layout, style and branding that you want. Take a look at some of our clients’ systems, and on this style and branding page there’s a brief video with some example sites.

Any number of users at no additional cost.

Even with a standard Off the Shelf Trinity system there is absolutely no limit and no additional cost for any number of users.

Fully customisable features.

Where needed we will customise features to your requirements.

No limit to the number of digital assets supported.

There is no limit whatever to the number of digital assets that can be uploaded

Direct and immediate personal contact with the support team as required.

However you choose to get in touch with us, you’ll be in contact directly and quickly with the person who will be dealing with your query.

24/7/365 monitoring systems hosted by iBase.

When you host with iBase, not only do you get an SQL database and whatever storage space that you need, but also automatic monitoring of your site and a response by iBase support to any problem found by it, 24 hours a day, every day of the year.

What others regard as ‘enterprise’ is standard from iBase.

Many other suppliers make extra charges for what they call ‘enterprise features’. In most cases these are features that we at iBase provide at no additional cost, even on our standard Off the Shelf system.

Find out more: For more information about iBase digital asset management and multi-media library systems, please get in get in touch with us at sales@ibase.com or +44 (0)1943 603636. We look forward to hearing from you.

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