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What can we use digital asset management for?

16th June 2015

While the term ‘digital asset management’ is easily defined in outline –

Storing and organising digital assets in a central location so that they can be uploaded; have textual data (metadata) associated with them as required; searched for; and if required downloaded.

– this doesn’t necessarily help much with understanding how digital asset management systems can be used and what the applications are for it.

What can we use digital asset management for

Key features available in a good digital asset management system include –

  • Users only need a browser on their computer or tablet.
  • You can control users’ ability to view, edit, download etc…, whatever you want them to do.
  • Digital assets of any type can be uploaded e.g. image; video; audio; text; spreadsheet; PDF etc…
  • Upload and metadata editing can be done in batches.
  • Assets can be linked with social networks.
  • Embedded metadata can be imported automatically.
  • Item selection, ordering and payment are available as required.
  • A wide range of searching options ar are available.

Here are just some of the things that a digital asset management system can be used for, together with a few examples of publicly available iBase clients’ sites.

Picture and Photo Library / Video Library / Multimedia Library

Whether for internal use only or for a public site with or without e-commerce, a good digital asset management system can be used to display any type of file and provide selection, ordering and e-commerce as required.

Examples – non commercial

  • Architectural Association School of Architecture
  • World Rugby
  • San Diego State University
  • Mission Aviation Fellowship

Examples – commercial

  • Reporters United
  • NHNZ Moving Images

Museums, heritage and art

  • Paul Mellon Centre- Richard Wilson Online
  • Edinburgh City Libraries and Museums
  • Leicestershire County Council Artworks Collection
  • Aberdeen Local Studies

Brand asset management

How does digital asset management help with brand management?

It enables you, your authorised colleagues and outside agencies to keep track of the digital resources used to define your company’s brand with its logos, colours, graphics, images etc… to ensure their consistent application for publicity material, documentation, websites and so on.

A brand asset management system enables a consistency of approach between departments, eliminates costs wasted in recreating things that have been lost, allows external agencies who have the relevant permissions to search for and download the material they need for your campaign, and much much more.

See more about brand asset management

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