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Visible watermarking and digital asset management

20th July 2015

What are watermarks for?

There are two main reasons for watermarking –

What is a visible watermark and are there other types?

A visible watermark is simply one that can be seen by eye, like for example the one on the image below.

Visible watermarking and digital asset management

There are also digital watermarks, but we’ll pick up on those in another article and concentrate here on visible watermarking.

Whereas visible watermarks can be applied to visual digital media such as images, videos, documents etc…, they can’t of course be used on digital assets that don’t have a visible component, such as music and audio files in general. For these types of files a digital watermark could be used, and indeed a digital watermark can be used wherever a visible watermark simply can’t be or is just undesirable for any reason, such as aesthetics.

Let’s have a look at the watermarking options available to system managers with an iBase digital asset management system.

A watermark image file can be created with any graphics package such as Photoshop, the configuration options within the Trinity digital digital asset management system then include:

  • Position – for example middle; top; bottom; top right; bottom left etc…
  • Offset – from the chosen position for fine adjustment.
  • Size – as a percentage of the original file, to get exactly the size that you want.
  • Density – from 10% through to opaque to make the watermark as visible or unobtrusive as you need.
  • Items can be individually watermarked, or not, as required.

Take a look at an image or video item for examples of watermarking used by some iBase clients:

  • The Architectural Association School use a very subtle watermark.
  • Bradford Museums & Galleries use a light watermark.
  • World Rugby use a moderately visible watermark.
  • Dumfries and Galloway Council use a distinct watermark.
  • Leicestershire County Council use a distinct watermark.
  • Natural History New Zealand use a fairly light coloured watermark.
  • Reporters United use a distinct watermark.

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