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Video cloud storage when managing your brand videos online

10th February 2016

Movies and short video clips are growing exponentially in use, and with the advent of faster internet speeds and cheaper storage space we’re finding more and more customers are wishing to store videos alongside their existing image collections.

managing your brand videos online

The key terms of interest to videographers would be file formats, codecs and streaming, and additionally understanding how they all interlink to fit together. It’s interesting to note that not all video file formats can be streamed, which is why at iBase we recommend that MPEG-4 – also known as MP4 – is used for storing the video.

Inside each file extension, a codec takes care of saving you storage space via COmpression and DECompression techniques. Although there are many codecs available, we recommend the h.264 codec due to it’s free-to-use licence along with the speed which it can transcode any original raw video files.

If you’re beginning an online project to store, stream and host your existing library of videos then please do get in touch…we’re always happy to advise on all matters relating to digital asset management software and there’s no obligation to buy – support@ibase.com or call +44 (0)1943 60 36 36.

video library system