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Travel companies leveraging digital asset management software

23rd August 2016

Travel and holiday companies frequently leverage the benefits of marketing asset management software to control their specific image management workflows.

Travel companies leveraging digital asset management software

In particular when travel companies get in touch we can see their immediate requirements to make lower resolution preview images available to third party sites via the API features in a marketing asset management scenario. The ability to rapidly embed images into other portal and image library sites removes the possibility that back-linked images will ever be broken by a backend filename change.

When marketing holidays to prospective holidaymakers it’s essential to have the latest and most up to date high quality images on display. Fashion changes rapidly and a year out of date can be enough to deter prospects who aren’t short of online purchasing options. Additionally, marketing legislation is in place requiring accurate descriptions to be placed on all digital asset management sites with ecommerce so that consumers know exactly what they’re getting at the point of purchase.

Embedded inside all images are what’s referred to technically as metadata – both descriptive and technical. The descriptive metadata includes data written (often from photoshop) describing the photographers, keywords, licencing rights and any other information you care to include for digital assets. On the technical metadata side you’ll find that during upload the image library software will capture all fragments during upload – metadata such as file size, orientation and bit depth will all be stored.

Uploading via the web browser has become the norm these days in marketing asset management software and is offered as standard by iBase. In responding to our ongoing client requirements we also offer watch folder functionality. Mainly used on locally accessible internal network configurations, a watch folder allows users to make use of a network drive to simply drag and drop files into. The folder is automatically checked each minute by our iBase DAM software platform and the contents moved into your image library. At the same time metadata is also mapped meaning this is a very useful way to automate your ingestion and uploading workflows.

Watchfolders are also frequently used when beginning your project. If your images are scattered across a shared network drive as is often the case, then we simply configure this network path as the temporary watchfolder so you can sit back and watch as all your digital files are migrated and organised automatically. It may take a while but you can rest assured its the most rapid way of getting off the starting blocks and begin visualising your hidden content online.

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