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22nd March 2019

Three reasons why the DAM market is booming

Digital asset management (DAM) is booming. And with the global market set to reach $8.1 billion by 2024, it doesn’t show any signs of slowing down anytime soon. The question is – why now?

DAM has been around for around a decade. What’s caused the recent boom in demand and popularity? Read on as we look at three reasons why the DAM market is taking off in 2019.

Three reasons why the DAM market is booming

1. Improving marketing efficiency

One of the key reasons the DAM market is growing is the fact marketers are valuing the platform to improve marketing efficiency. Feature-rich DAM software can transform your brand’s marketing campaigns and help you reach a wider audience.

When it comes to launching a new marketing campaign or testing a new strategy, there are a number of different concerns. From targeting specific demographics and locations to actually getting your advertisements out there, there are so many areas which require their own files and data.

All this data has to go somewhere for analysis and approval. That’s where a DAM system comes in. The centralised repository is ideal for storing and organising all marketing campaigns and any data that comes along with it, for easy retrieval at any time.

2. Technology growth

When DAM first came about, it was primarily used by creative agencies as they tend to have the largest number of digital files to manage. But, as the world of technology continues to grow, more and more businesses are finding themselves with an abundance of files to manage. In order to work productively and organise files effectively, a number of companies are turning to DAM for help.

Technology is also improving at a rapid rate, creating endless possibilities for both businesses and DAM providers. With more features, improved benefits and a variety of functions, DAM can provide much more than a simple digital library for users.

3. Global businesses

With technology growth comes the ability to expand your business on a global scale. Companies from all kinds of industries now operate their business in multiple countries around the world, with numerous offices and teams.

A business can only be successful globally if it can maintain the same standards across borders. This can only be achieved through effective communication and collaboration. A cloud-based DAM system allows users to access files at any time, from any place, making it much easier for multi-national businesses to form a unified approach across the world.

Join the DAM market

Valued at around $2.5 billion in 2017, the DAM market is rapidly growing. And the capabilities of the software is growing just as quickly. Don’t be left behind – equip your business with a cloud-based DAM system in 2019.

The iBase platform has a range of features, from unlimited metadata fields to seamless control of user access. Why wait? Get in touch with our DAM experts today to find out more.

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Three Reasons Why the DAM Market is Booming