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Third party integration with iBase marketing asset management software

9th September 2016

The iBase digital asset cloud management platform can be fully integrated with other third party cloud storage services with providers such as Box, Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure being supported at the time of writing. When beginning a new digital asset management project this certainly helps you to cost effectively store large quantities of raw data in the cloud in only a few mouse clicks. Or prods I guess.

Third party integration with iBase marketing asset management software

Amazon Web services provide a global object storage service named S3 which provides lifecycle management facilities for securely housing all the raw data you’ll create when initiating your digital asset management software from iBase. Our seamless integration allows you to use the fastest storage options for the most commonly used parts of your DAM software site, whilst ensuring longevity and amazing data redundancy by transferring digital assets to Glacier cold storage and infrequently accessed versions of elastic block storage.

In particular, our marketing asset management clients use their iBase software to use multiple AWS buckets through the web browser. That is, that you don’t need our assistance to begin setting any of this up – just log in and follow our guidance notes.

Frequently we respond to customer image library requirements, and which has lead us to begin our integration with the cloud storage provider Box. Clients can find that an off the shelf solution such as Box doesn’t meet their particular custom requirements at all, and as such they need to use the cheaper enterprise storage facilities available there, whilst also taking full advantage of the powerful iBase front end to personalise and customise the way they store and display any number of digital assets. The original videos, images and audio files are stored unaltered in the back end third party cloud storage whilst the iBase software creates any number of preview resolutions for immediate display.

Additionally, on the same theme of using cheap storage from Microsoft Azure – they have around 800 servers at the time of writing to offer their cloud storage solution. With enterprise organisations we can understand the need to stick with the Microsoft package, especially if you’ve recently begun using Office 365 and migrated a bunch of your services into the cloud. However, when dealing with many files you’ll quickly find the limits of managing them in the cloud if an iBase front end isn’t attached to visually preview and rapidly search and mange your HD video using our enterprise level features.

Whilst integrating and using the various types of storage that are available on the web, iBase cloud DAM allows you to create a very fast and flexible compatible search from with the iBase interface. All of the metadata, both technical and descriptive, which is held by the third party storage providers is picked up and made available instantly in the search.

Lastly, we should also mention our flexible developer API which also allows third parties to integrate with our cloud digital asset management platform.

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