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The importance of storing originals in an unaltered format in digital asset management systems

27th April 2015

If you’re in the market for a new digital asset management solution then your number 1 requirement should be to investigate how your original files are being stored. At iBase we’ve been in the industry for over 20 years and from working with top names like the BBC and Tate Gallery appreciate how important it is to keep your original files safe, secure and unaltered.

storing originals in an unaltered format

As you’re adding new content into any digital asset management system you should be asking yourself what is happening to the original files – you may assume they are being stored safely in the cloud or suchlike but the reality may be that only the streaming versions are in fact being stored. With iBase software the default behaviour is to save the originals unaltered – that means that none of the metadata is stripped out, the file format is unchanged and any encoding options remain intact. In essence, an exact copy is created and stored for you to download at any time.

However, if storage space is a concern, some clients choose to store their originals on archive DVD’s or tape drives and only store those streaming versions for preview online along with a reference link to the exact path where the original can be located.

There are many configuration and archive file options available in digital asset management to suit an organisations custom requirement and so we always encourage prospects to call us anytime just to lean on our many years of experience…gratis!

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