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5 Software Essentials for Remote Working

10th April 2020

Software Essentials for Remote Working

Remote working has steadily increased in popularity over the past few years, with the number of remote workers in the UK doubling between 2008-2018. However, it’s become a necessity rather than a choice for some companies, given the 2020 lockdown.

That doesn’t have to mean your productivity falls. In fact, surveys suggest that productivity can actually increase when working remotely. The only challenge is getting the right tools for your team.

In this post, we’ll look at five essential tools for your team to work remotely.

Remote working software

1. Video conferencing

Communication is vital for productivity. Fortunately, working remotely doesn’t have to mean being isolated from colleagues. Video conferencing software allows teams to hold meetings online, using voice or video. That’s ideal for daily team talks, weekly briefings or one-to-ones.

However, it can also be used for casual group chats. Some companies have a weekly catch-up that’s not necessarily about work, to mimic the social aspect of the office, improve team bonding and keep spirits high.

2. Collaborative working

Another potential issue of remote work is collaboration. How do you work together on projects when everyone is in a different location? That’s where collaborative working systems comes in, helping you to organise everything from whole projects to specific tasks, keeping track of everyone’s progress and sharing notes.

3. Time tracking

The biggest concern for employers with remote working is knowing what staff are up to without being able to see them in the office. Time tracking software provides a range of tools to tackle that concern - with project time tracking, break time tracking and monitoring for web and app usage.

4. Electronic signing

If your business deals with documents requiring signatures, you may think this is an insurmountable hurdle to remote working. Think again, electronic signing systems provide an easy, reliable and secure way to manage documents and signatures.

Digital asset management

Last but certainly not least is iBase digital asset management. When you’re working remotely, you need access to all kinds of files - client information, briefs, customer data, brand guidelines, finance information – the list goes on.

Our digital asset management software is dedicated to making that easier and more efficient with a wide range of powerful features. Upload and move files with simple drag and drop functionality. Organise assets with custom metadata making them easy to retrieve. Keep everything secure with a sophisticated security model, meaning each user only sees what they’re supposed to.

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5 Software Essentials for Remote Working