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4th June 2019

Science Museum Group launches 'Museum in a tab'

At iBase, we’re always happy to see clients using our DAM services to their full potential. That’s exactly the case with the Science Museum Group, who have recently launched an innovative ‘Museum in a Tab’ feature. In short, it aims to make it easier for Google Chrome users to discover new museum artefacts and collections.

Read on as we take a closer look…

Science Museum Group launches museum in a tab

Science Museum Group

The Science Museum Group is one of the largest museum groups in the UK. They manage a number of the UK’s most popular museums, including Manchester’s Science and Industry Museum, London’s Science Museum and the Railway Museum in York. With that, comes a number of diverse collections and items – from steam locomotives to the world’s first computer.

How ‘Museum in a Tab’ works

Museum in a Tab is a Google Chrome extension, which can be downloaded by users from across the globe. Once installed, the extension will display a different item from the Science Museum Group Collection every time users open a new tab.

Interested in an item? Simply click on it for more information. With over seven million items in their collection, the extension allows users to broaden their horizons and learn more about a vast range of historical and scientific artefacts.

You can also share the items on Twitter, Facebook or Pinterest with ease. That will benefit both users and the Science Museum Group – who can reach a much wider audience.

Where do we come in?

A key part of this innovative extension is the fact that it offers images and information for so many items. That’s where iBase comes in. The Science Museum Group uses our digital asset management (DAM) system to manage digital collections internally, across the group.

Using our DAM platform, the Science Museum Group can store all items from their vast collections in one centralised place. With no limits on space and smart metadata tools, they can store, access, organise and retrieve their files with ease. That also makes things much easier when it comes to using them for Google Chrome extensions.

Find out more

Want to get started with Museum in a Tab? Simply download it from the Chrome Web Store and enjoy learning about a diverse range of items from technology, medicine, science and art.

Or, if you want to find out more about our feature-rich DAM systems, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team. Call 01943 603636 or email sales@ibase.com to speak to our friendly experts.

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Science Museum Group Launches ‘Museum in a Tab’