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16th December 2018

Will we get a return on investment (ROI) from a digital asset management system?

Probably yes, but it does depend on –

  • How much you pay for it.
  • Over what period you’re calculating ROI.
  • How much time you’re saving compared with before you got the DAM system.
  • Whether there are new things you can do that generate revenue.
ROI with digital asset management

For example

Suppose you spend £4,000 on a digital asset management system from iBase and want to recoup the cost over 3 years. That’s a little over £1,300 per year that you need to save or generate as revenue. Just £110 a month.

In this case any more than £110 a month saved during the first 3 years – or additional revenue generated – represents a return on your investment. After 3 years of course, any savings at all or revenues generated are a positive return on investment.

Saving time and money

What kind of things might you save time and money on? Here are some suggestions.

  • Finding a file quickly and easily without the need to hunt through a networked folder, or worse still having to ask others to check on their local drives. It probably wouldn’t need more than one or two cases a month to save £110 just on this.
  • Instead of finding and emailing a number of files to a colleague, you can just save them as a set on the DAM, which your colleague can then view and download from.
  • Downloading just the right size file for what you want to do, without the need to resize it yourself.
  • Do you use outside agencies – marketing perhaps – who you need to supply assets to? With a good digital asset management system you’ll be able to give them access to the materials you want them to see – and no others – so that they can review, download, etc… as required.
  • Has your organisation ever mislaid a file? How long it takes to re-create lost files depends on what they are, but it might take many hours and cost a great deal of money. There can quite easily be circumstances where saving the cost of having to replace lost items – and nothing else – provides a good return on investment.

Think about your own organisation, what savings could you make?

Generating revenue

If you intend to sell images, videos, audio, digital books, etc… then you need more than a digital asset management system. You’ll also need –

  • A good looking public facing website, with your style and branding on it.
  • Flexible pricing structures and an ability to operate globally in any currency.
  • Payment arrangements to match your requirements.
  • Flexible delivery options.

It really goes without saying – but we’ll say it anyway – that an iBase system does all of this and more.

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