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Requirements Case Study No. 9

14th December 2015

These are requirements that we have received, with information relating to the identity of the originator removed.

Requirements Case Study

1. Internal management

  1. Categorise
  2. Tag
  3. Web interface
  4. Facilities to select and share images.

2. Licence and usage tracking: Track how and where images are being used, using database relationships for maximum efficiency.

3. API: An API which will enable images and selected associated metadata to be used on the main website without the need to copy the images to the website.

4. Hosting

  1. Be able to host locally and then later as required to move hosting to your chosen external data centre.
  2. Approximately 2TBs of images, although it is expected that the number will halve once redundant images have been removed.
  3. Images either from external agencies, or internally generated. Agency images will have descriptive metadata, internal images will usually not.
  4. Images will be imported into Trinity using a series of hot folders, with associated import policies, which will generate the smaller surrogate images and map (where possible) the descriptive metadata from the image headers to the corresponding database fields.
  5. Additional cataloguing will be carried out on the images, exact fields yet to be determined, but likely to be restricted to geographical taxonomy and basic descriptive metadata.
  6. The system will be hosted internally whilst initial population is carried out. It will then be shifted to an externally hosted location.
  7. The “Feedback” page will be customised to allow users to specify when an image has been used, resolution, location, etc (exact fields to be determined). This information will be held as an additional item which will have a relationship with the image. This will enable staff members to determine what the usage history for an image or batch of images is.
  8. The Trinity API (formerly REST Server) will be used to extract images directly from within Trinity and embed them within the main company website.

Requirements met

The iBase digital asset management system fulfils all of these requirements.

For more information about iBase digital asset management and multi-media library systems, please get in get in touch with us at sales@ibase.com or +44 (0)1943 603636. We look forward to hearing from you.

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