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Requirements Case Study No. 1

29th June 2015

These are requirements received from prospective clients, with information relating to the identity of the originator removed. All of the requirements listed here can be fulfilled with an iBase digital asset management system.

Requirements received

We are now producing more innovative, creative and professional design and multimedia assets than ever before.

Access for up to 5,000 people, but only a few – maybe 15 – licenses to actually upload/update the content, and with storage for up up to 20TB.

Requirements Case Study DAM

For the purpose of this proposal these assets include, but are not restrictive to, the following digital files:

It is crucial that all personnel only use design and multimedia assets that have been pre-approved, and as a result demand on the team to supply and manage usage of these pre-approved assets has soared, meaning a large proportion of the team’s time is currently spent dealing with this supply and demand.

We want to encourage staff to access and manage these pre-approved assets themselves, as and when appropriate. Not only will this free up more time for the team to concentrate on more strategic and tactical initiatives to better engage with our customers, but it also reduces instances of time spent duplicating the production of assets; it increases the opportunities to disseminate these assets; and it helps achieve consistency and professionalism by asserting tighter control over the use of the brand.

To facilitate this ‘self-serve’ approach, it is proposed that a specialised centralised repository is set up, which will act as a brand management tool to host all pre-approved assets, and allow users to access and use them as appropriate.

For the centralised repository to be fully functional and effective, it needs to be able to provide the following:





Requirements met

All of these requirements can be fulfilled by the iBase Trinity digital asset management system.

Find out more: For more information about iBase digital asset management and multi-media library systems, please get in get in touch with us at sales@ibase.com or +44 (0)1943 603636. We look forward to hearing from you.

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