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Four Ways to Prepare Your Organisation for Black Friday

1st October 2021

Four Ways to Prepare Your Organisation for Black Friday

Black Friday is one of the most important dates in the year for many retail businesses. However, thanks to Covid-19, a larger percentage of shoppers than ever before will probably prefer to purchase their Black Friday deals online, in order to maintain social distancing.

This is where the importance of effective data asset management (or DAM) comes into play. Having a secure and efficient DAM system for your organization will bring you all kinds of benefits, particularly during a hectic online retail event like Black Friday.

If you're wondering how to ensure your business is ready for the big event, read on to discover our four essential tips for your online Black Friday preparations.

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1. Schedule smart campaigns and deals

In the approach to Black Friday, it's recommended that you schedule campaigns over a number of days or even weeks, enhancing communication with your customers and making people aware of your special deals for as long as possible. At iBase, our DAM software allows you to effortlessly share files with your team, suppliers or clientele, making it easier to plan ahead.

2. Make ecommerce the focal point

With so many people choosing to shop online as a result of Covid-19, it's vital that you prioritise your ecommerce platform in the lead-up to Black Friday so you don't miss out on sales. Black Friday and Cyber Monday will bring an abundance of online traffic.

This means that your organization needs to be sure that its website has efficiently powerful hosting to deal with the influx, so your site doesn't crash. iBase DAM gives you the option of both local and cloud-hosting, with the latter probably being the best option for retail businesses wanting high bandwidth and all the storage you could ask for.

3. Offer a selection of payment options

With so many businesses clamoring for attention, and so many potential deals to take advantage of, it's vital that your organization makes Black Friday shopping as easy and enjoyable for shoppers as possible. This includes offering a variety of payment options for them to choose from, so they won't be frustrated when they reach your online till. iBase offers a number of payment options, including PayPal as standard, in addition to WorldPay, NetBanx, Secure Trading, Barclays SecurePay, and more.

4. Make sure your product pages look inviting

Once your smartly scheduled campaigns have done their job and drawn customers to your product pages, it's crucial that those pages are laid out as effectively as possible to help shoppers find the right deals. Examine your product pages in detail in the run-up to Black Friday 2021 to make sure that there are plenty of calls to action, and that product information is clear and specific.

Choosing the right DAM for a hassle-free Black Friday 2021

At iBase, our DAM comes with a wide variety of services and features that can provide your organization with a stress-free Black Friday 2021. Offering fast, secure and efficient uploading, editing, sharing, hosting, e-commerce and more, our DAM software offers a wide variety of benefits and helpful tools for online businesses. Get in touch today to arrange a one-to-one demo.

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