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Organising your media files with iBase using integration migration services

16th September 2016

Integration and migration in digital asset management are very similar words and both supported but with individual meanings. A bit like ironing and irony some might say.

Organising your media files with iBase using integration migration services

In our previous blog post we touched on the integration services we can provide for enterprise customers who wish to store their digital files in a third party storage provider such as AWS, Azure or Box. Our integration and personalisation runs deeper than that with our cloud digital asset management software being able to be exactly match pixel for pixel on the design front whilst being integrated with your existing customer management portal and cloud management software workflows.

On the migration front we make the process of gathering and organising all of your data and digital assets together completely seamless. Watch our automatic migration software pick up all of your images, video, audios, documents and any other files and magically categorise and organise them ready for display and use in your new iBase DAM system. However, we appreciate this one stop shop approach is not ideal for every enterprise organisation, especially those with very particular curatorial data migration requirements.

On the migration front, we often receive enquiries from prospects with existing cloud digital asset management systems. Provided we can be sent your database and asset store containing all of the files then we can find a unique identifier to match the digital files together with the respective data, and ensure everything matches up perfectly to guarantee that not a single byte of precious data is lost during the process.

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