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Olympic digital asset management software for enterprise customers

9th August 2016

There are numerous hurdles to overcome if you’re looking to fire the starting gun on your digital asset management procurement process. Dive straight in and take a deeper look at what we have to offer at iBase Media Services Ltd.

Olympic digital asset management software for enterprise

Our advice is to always get hands on with our marketing asset management software as soon as possible in the process. Although specification documents are essential, they’re only really useful once you understand which part of the software you’re referring to. Based on our standard product template, you’ll be up and running in no time at which point you can begin considering your personalised workflows and how your team mates envisage using our cloud marketing asset management software to make their day to day business lives easier.

Any type of file can be upload and ingested into our cloud DAM platform, but it often helps to consider what you’d like to do with these files once they’re up there – sell them, stream them or just archive them privately perhaps.

Storage space can be an important factor too – the original files are always stored unaltered but for streaming video and audio previews the size difference can be considerable. Taking a standard MP4 video for example, transcoding it using the latest 4k video standards would mean it’s 4 times larger than 1080p. By default we set the preview video resolutions to 720p using a h264 video codec but our video storage SaaS containers allow any video codec to be used from the ffmpeg third party video processing library – VP9 and h265 have also proven popular streaming video codec choices.

If you have a target date in mind or looming deadline it’s best to let us know your expectation immediately and we’ll do everything within our power to make you look good by under promising and over delivering. Brand managers can take especial comfort that we’re aware of the frequent strict deadlines from brand asset management software backgrounds and you’ll be kept informed of every detail along the roadmap to DAM software delivery day.

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