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Metadata and it’s ongoing importance in managing your digital files

3rd May 2016

Whatever your business background may be, or indeed your preference for artistic medium (videographer, photographer, blue chip CEO), the world of metadata can never be far away whilst considering a digital asset management system to house all of your digital files.

Metadata and it’s ongoing importance in managing your digital files

Admittedly, metadata isn’t everyone’s cup of tea since it’s not a natural contender for top dinner party topic of 2016, which is why we make it as easy as possible to store all of your metadata in our secure cloud. Once you have the piece of mind that your file management automation is in place then you’re free to channel your time doing what’s most important – creating your digital files and putting them to work.

Enterprise DAM software should make it easy to grab and subsequently organise all of your metadata, but also provide advanced options for those who are more curatorially minded and have more specific metadata requirements. All aspects of your metadata ingestion workflows can be customised with the iBase platform – all embedded metadata tags are supported along with the ability to rapidly label the associated metadata fields you’re mapping image tags to. Concatenation of your incoming metadata fields can be carried out automatically if that’s what you require, and our advice and support on data migration processes is free if you’d like to get in touch and discuss your project.

embedded image metadata