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Marketing at Christmas: How to Get it Right

1st December 2021

Marketing at Christmas: How to Get it Right

Christmas is one of the highlights of the business calendar, leading to a boom in business to see out the old year and ring in the new one. However, in order to make sure you take advantage of Yuletide spending, it is important that you adopt an effective marketing strategy to draw in those customers, and enjoy the subsequent spike in sales that will follow as a result.

If you're keen to discover how to attract more business during the festive season, read on for our top tips on how to get your Christmas marketing campaign just right!

Marketing at Christmas: How to Get it Right

1. Create a dedicated Christmas page

One of the easiest ways to grab the attention of all of those keen Christmas shoppers is by creating a dedicated Christmas page on your ecommerce site. This page will serve as a digital catalogue of all of the products your company sells which would make ideal Christmas gifts.

Creating a special Christmas page like this makes the shopping experience much easier and more efficient for your potential customers, as they don't need to scroll down various pages searching for the right items. You are almost guaranteed to see a rise in sales as a result.

2. Categorise your products effectively

Another way to help your customers with their Christmas shopping is by providing a helpful filtering system, so they can type what they want into your website's search engine and pull up a selection of relevant products. How you categorise and filter your assets will, of course, depend on the kind of products you are selling. For example, books can be categorised according to age and genre, while novelty items can be categorised according to price.

Effective categorisation makes shopping more of a breeze for your customers and will help them to make a purchase. A high-quality digital asset management (DAM) system will allow you to easily categorise your assets with the right tags so they can be easily found on your ecommerce platform.

3. Grab customers' attention with Christmas-themed content

An effective marketing campaign should run for a number of weeks in the build-up to Christmas, as this is when all but the most efficient of customers are doing their festive shopping.

During this period, alert their attention to your deals and Christmas products using eye-catching themed content, which can be easily organised and distributed using your DAM software.

This content could include anything from Christmas-themed blog posts to festive email newsletters and even a Yuletide podcast to engage more customers and attract them to your ecommerce platform.

iBase DAM – as helpful as Santa's Elves for Christmas marketing!

If you haven't yet invested in a high-quality DAM system, it's not too late to start! DAM can provide a range of vital functions when it comes to creating, organising and targeting your festive marketing campaign. To find out more, and to arrange a one-to-one demo, don't hesitate to get in touch with us today, and discover how DAM can help you achieve a productive end to 2021.

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