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In-house or hosted DAM?

6th January 2015

An iBase Trinity digital asset management or multi-media library system can be deployed –

Even if your system is only for internal users, iBase can host it securely for you.

In-house or hosted DAM

Of course there are pros and cons to where you host your system and the following might help you to decide which is right for you.

Hosting options

Aspect In-house hosting iBase hosting Cloud hosting
Cost It could be the cheapest if you have the infrastructure and support personnel in place already, but in any event bear in mind the cost of replicated servers, multiple full backups of certainly many gigabytes, and possibly several terabytes of data. There’s also the cost of an SQL database to consider, and the people to look after everything. The iBase option might appear at first sight to cost a little more than local hosting, but be careful not to overlook local overhead and manpower costs, some of which might be fairly well hidden. Futhermore, iBase hosting will almost certainly be a lower cost than cloud hosting, especially if you have a lot of uploading and downloading going on. Potentially the most expensive option, depending on requirements, but it might be what you need from a performance point of view. See below.
Performance Performance is mostly about upload and download speeds. If the system is for internal use only, then local hosting can provide the best performance for users who are on the same internal network as the hosting server. It’s another matter of course for users who aren’t on same internal network, or coming in from elsewhere – in these cases the upload and download performance will be set by the slowest part of the route from user to hosting server. Also beware if you do have a slow internal network, because wherever the system is hosted – internally or externally – it will have a serious impact for your local users. iBase’s own hosting servers are in a first class commercial ISP facility in the UK, with excellent connectivity for all of Britain and large parts of Europe. Performance from further afield might be compromised by the speed of the internet links available into the U.K. and so if you need to get fully satisfactory performance in other parts of the world, including for the upload and streaming of video files, you might want to consider cloud hosting as an option. Cloud hosting allows you to base your system in any one of a number of regions in the world (for example Europe, the U.S. or Asia). Performance will be similar to that for iBase hosting for users in the same region that the service is located in, but again will depend on the speed of internet links to that region from other places.
Reliability 24/7/365 Reliability factors to look for in your local environment include – a properly managed and maintained infrastructure; regular backups with off-site copies; an uninterruptible power supply; the availability of infrastructure support personnel including out of hours attention if that is needed, along with expertise in maintaining and monitoring web sites and database systems. iBase hosting reliability features include – multiple clustered servers; a properly managed and maintained infrastructure; regular backups with off-site copies; an uninterurruptible power supply; automatic monitoring of sites every 45 seconds with alerts as required to iBase support personnel 24/7/365. With cloud hosting, you should be able to assume a properly managed and maintained infrastructure with an uninterruptible power supply. Everything else you will need to attend to yourselves.
Convenience If convenience means not having to worry about anything at all, then local hosting is the least convenient, however if you have a well-established internal IT department they may well be able to provide you with what you need with minimal additional effort. By far the most convenient. iBase Media Services will take care of everything – including server maintenance and updates, backups, system monitoring, database administration etc… You can leave it all to us. A cloud service will look after the hosting infrastructure for you, but you will need to take care of everything else. This again could be dealt with by your IT department.

Read details of the iBase hosting service. You can get in touch with us at sales@ibase.com or call +44 (0)1943 603636

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