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Image library and digital asset management software for star bakers

1st September 2016

As baking season is underway once again in the United Kingdom we thought we’d highlight some of the more unusual ways that our clients are making use of their internally hosted digital asset management systems.

digital asset management software for star bakers

Our client AB Mauri are known throughout the world as star bakers, and they use our image library software to store and share all the latest examples of baking prowess they offer for sale around the globe. Additionally their primary use case requirement has been met but they went on to expand the use of their DAM software to make the lives easier of many other departments. Marketing shots are stored alongside customer visit photos and these can then all be shared through a few clicks so that colleagues across the world can instantly receive a link in their inbox to download the files.

On site visits are often recorded using videos by videographers and these can all be housed alongside each other on the same page. Sometimes it’s necessary to see an image of a product, alongside paperwork videos, audios and maybe a zipped file collection of all of them to complete the marketing asset management process.

Additionally, version control is a prime part of the workflow setup meaning that whilst grouping everything on to the same page for easy access, it’s also instantly possible to upload a new version and that version is updated on any other partner websites which may make use of it via the built in iBase API.

The API (know as Application Programming Interface) is one of the most powerful features in an image library system, enabling many features such as federated search using a RESTful API. To a non technical person this means that managing the original image is no longer an issue and the site won’t face the issue of having dead links which lead to 404 pages. Instead all thats needed for page creators to embed an image and the associated metadata onto a site, is to grab the automatically generated link from the iBase platform and copy it into the relevant place within their site.

Typical extended uses of the API are particularly suited to our travel company clients who must have the most up to date images available to prospects – please do get in touch for an online demonstration of our marketing asset management software to make your day to day enterprise life easier by leveraging cloud DAM.

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