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1st February 2019

5 ways to future proof your digital agency in 2019

For any agency owner, it’s easy to focus on the here and now. But what do the next steps look like? And how can you prepare your agency for the trials and tribulations ahead?

Whether you’re planning on growing your brand this year or simply looking for a little more stability going forward, we’re here to help with our handy guide to future proofing your digital agency in 2019.

Blogs of 2018

1. Artificial intelligence

There was an increased use of artificial intelligence (AI) in business in 2018, with a number of companies using the technology to provide personalised customer service and a better experience for users.

Whether you adopt a chat bot on your website to help with customer enquiries or use robots in a manufacturing process, increasing the use of AI across your business is a great way to keep up with the competition.

66% of people value good online customer service above all other aspects of their experience. So, utilising an automated chat bot feature – whether it’s on your website, an app or on social media – can help ensure your customers’ needs are met at all times.

2. Flexible business structures

2018 saw the breakdown of a number of large, established businesses, such as Toys R Us and Homebase. One of the main reasons behind their downfall was the lack of flexibility in their internal structure. With the rise in online retailers and the immensely competitive ecommerce market, any businesses that cannot evolve may struggle to keep up.

3. Customer Feedback

One of the most important ways you can future-proof your business this year is by regularly seeking customer feedback to ensure you’re staying ahead of the market. Don’t jump on the bandwagon too late and risk losing out to your competitors.

Stay flexible enough to easily adapt to new things and be aware of the demands of the consumer to make sure you’re meeting their needs.

4. Boost employee satisfaction

In a time of uncertainty and Brexit, there is an increased importance on satisfaction in the workplace. With fears of how the job economy will cope with the impending changes in 2019, all-time low unemployment rates and increased employee wellbeing awareness, companies must step up in order to keep their teams happy.

While, of course, your business needs staff in order to survive, having a happy workforce will improve your company in a number of ways. According to Peter Doczi, head of customer services at Rapid Formations, “Work-life balance, fresh-mindedness and good mental health are key to delivering excellence levels of customer service… which leads to more sales.”

5. Organise your files

Digital agencies deal with thousands of online assets every day. Whether it’s product photography, videos for social media or a newly created brand logo, it’s important to keep everything in its right place and be able to find it easily when you need it.

Without a clearly organised, safe space to store these files, you risk creating an unorganised and chaotic workspace. This can impact your business, your clients and your bottom line.

By implementing a digital asset management system (or DAM) in your business, your company can improve productivity, save time and focus on the important aspects of running your business.

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How to future proof your digital agency in 2019