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How to digitally manage your audio files in the cloud

11th April 2016

When beginning an audio visual project and storing all of your digital assets in the cloud where storage space must be paid for then it’s likely to be an important deciding factor as to how large your streaming preview versions will be transcoded to.

digitally manage your audio files in the cloud

It’s a rock steady rule with iBase digital asset management systems that you always store the original file unaltered using a straight copy routine from your web browser to our web serving cluster in the cloud. However, not all original file formats are in a streamable format meaning it’s more important to create a streaming resolution using a file wrapper of your choice along with a codec and bitrate of your choice. Out of the box we provide a range of defaults for handling your audio files through use of MP4 192kbps quality streaming versions of all audio files. Every single audio file extension you can list will be stored safely and securely.

A firm fan favourite feature of our dam software arises when trying to pin down an elusive sound file you’ve been searching for in your collection – during the upload process the technical meta data from your audio files is automatically mapped into associative database fields and included in your search index. This means it’s a very straightforward to build up the criteria for an audio file search such as ‘minimum 5mb size’ AND ‘must be WAV’ OR ‘must be ‘must be OGG’.

Who doesn’t like music; it’s certainly one of the pleasures of creating digital asset management solutions for our global base of clients. If you have any type of audio project being considered then do call us for impartial free advice with no obligation to buy.

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