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Can Digital Asset Management Help Graphic Designers?

11th March 2020

Can Digital Asset Management Help Graphic Designers?

According to Government figures, the UK has the biggest design sector in Europe. Alongside product and fashion designers, graphic designers are a key part of this.

However, despite excelling in the statistics, they face a range of challenges on a day to day basis. In this post, we’ll explore how digital asset management (DAM) software could make things even better.

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Storing, organising and retrieving

Storing assets digitally is at the heart of what DAM systems do. However, what sets them apart from basic cloud storage is that they also facilitate far superior organisation of files. By adding metadata to each asset, you can keep them well organised, which in turn makes retrieval much easier.

This is a major benefit to graphic designers, whose core service is the production of these assets for clients or within their own business. With that comes a vast number of different files for a wide range of external clients or internal departments. Needless to say, things would get out of hand pretty quickly if these weren’t organised properly.

Briefs and guidelines

Brand guidelines are critical for graphic designers. Whether it’s provided by the client themselves or something you’ve produced, it’s important to have a clear brief to make sure any work you do for them is consistent and on-brand – including fonts, sizes and specific brand colours, for instance.

Using a DAM system, you can make sure you have briefs assigned to each client. Most importantly, everyone on your team will be able to access them and they will always have the latest version of the brief or guidelines should any information change.

The same is true for any standards you have within your own graphic design agency. Prefer certain layouts, image sizes or even file formats? With a DAM, you can rest assured everyone will be on the same page.

Usage rights

While the above points relate to efficiency and productivity, there’s also something more vital to consider – namely, usage rights. Using assets from other websites, agencies or freelancers is an unavoidable aspect of graphic design.

However, it’s critical that each of those assets is accompanied by proof of usage rights. Failure to prove that you had purchased rights to use an image or font, or that it was free to use, can result in costly fines or legal proceedings.

The same is true for your own assets. Given that these are your source of income, it’s important that you protect them. That means keeping track of their usage rights, anyone who has the right to use them and any time restrictions on doing so.

With DAM, both of the above tasks are simple. Records of usage rights can be easily stored with metadata linking them to the relevant asset and/or client.

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Can Digital Asset Management Help Graphic Designers?