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Ensuring compatibility with the latest image formats

4th April 2016

You can be assured that all of your images will always be stored unaltered and in their original form when using iBase DAM software, but what happens to create the preview images?

Ensuring compatibility with the latest image formats

To enable fast previewing of your images over your internal network or cloud based hosting, iBase DAM creates preview resolutions of any size which will load as fast as possible. Or another way of putting it, why would you want to lug a 70MB TIFF over the wire when you can easily preview a 70KB png or jpeg instead. After you’ve selected which images you’d like, at that point you download the much larger original images.

All of this happens automatically in the background using a hugely popular and widespread third party image library named ImageMagick. In the digital asset management world you’ll often find new meta data schemas and image standards appearing and which should be adhered to. Our DAM software takes the fuss out of having to keep your eye on this so you can concentrate on what’s important – making your working life easier so you can spend more time focusing on other things and less time accessing organising and managing your digital files

We’re always interested in how prospects are looking to use our software to manage their digital files so don’t hesitate to shoot us a mail or call at any time.

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