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Digital asset management or digital media library?

27th January 2015

Which do I need?

Well, they’re not all that different and the underlying features required for digital asset management and digital media library systems are essentially the same, for example

Digital asset management or digital media library
  • Handle any file type.
  • Upload digital files individually and in batches.
  • Add and edit metadata.
  • Organise – tag items, add subjects and keywords.
  • Group items together in any way required.
  • Search the metadata, tags, subjects etc… to find the items required.
  • Download options.
  • Open access or password login.
  • Light-boxes / saved selections.
  • Unlimited capacity & scalability.
  • Administration of registered users.
  • Email links and thumbs.
  • Feedback from users.
  • Watermarking as required.
  • Audit trail for system managers.

However, there are some key differences in how they’re used. The table below shows the similarities and differences in requirements for both an internal digital asset management system versus a public facing image or media library:

Internal site with digital asset management Public sites like Picture/Video/Audio & Document libraries
All options visible for experienced users. Very easy to use, presenting only the features needed by your public users.
Functional and plain interface. Good looking and contemporary design matching your brand.
Upload items and create / edit metadata. View only access – except perhaps for feedback.
Download any size if authorised. Download only low resolution / watermarked versions.
Active Directory login with multi-level security. Open access – users only neeed to login to order / purchase / manage their own account.
All search options available. Search options that don’t need detailed knowledge of the content and metadata structure.
Workflow features. Workflow not required.
Internal ordering only. Ordering and ecommerce.

In summary, iBase Trinity will not only fulfil all of these requirements independently, but you can have the digital asset management and the picture (media) library versions on the same system if you wish, including the two types of user interfaces. All in one system.

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