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7 deadly sins marketing asset management software

7th July 2016

Almost certainly there are more than 7 pitfalls to avoid when choosing a marketing asset management piece of software, and indeed a software vendor.

7 deadly sins marketing asset management software

Marketing professionals all require software to manage any files they’re using for product placement at a very minimum. Version control and ease of use very often top the wish lists of essential requirements we receive from prospective customers. They may or may not break down well into merely the seven deadly sins but we’re going to have a go at it anyway.

  1. Lust

    The desire to have every single feature and workflow available straight out of the box can often be debilitating until the end users have their hands on the software. Many large software projects can often become cumbersome because so much specification from so many parties has occurred over a period of time that they can no longer meet the requirements of the end user. Our advice is to always go for the out of the box system and then add workflows later – it’ll cost the exact same price whichever way you approach the project specification due to our transparent way of providing costs to you.

  2. Gluttony

    There’s usually a hoarder in the office and why not, but so long as it’s organised. Duplicate files caused by lack of centralisation during the marketing asset management process will be a thing of the past.

  3. Greed

    After consolidating all of your marketing files, it would be somewhat greedy with all the social media outlets flying around to keep them them to yourself. If you’re opting for a more focussed approach then share via email is a very popular enterprise feature to share files within the organisation only whilst keeping track of all the marketing assets and digital files kicking around the place.

  4. Sloth

    Let our DAM software take all of the work out of organising and cataloguing your files. If you’re accused of laziness in cataloguing and organising your digital assets into the digital asset management software then perhaps people are finding it difficult to locate the exact marketing files they’re searching for.

  5. Wrath

    Misplacing files causes genuine anger when you don’t have google search to show you the results immediately. The iBase marketing search uses google style fuzzy index searching combined with autocorrect and pre-search filtering so you’ll never lose your marketing assets again.

  6. Envy

    Have you ever looked at a competitors marketing website and wondered how they managed to get the lead on you? Be jealous no more! Marketing asset management is a commitment to making your business more efficient and organised and the real question is whether your envy can afford not to look into the process.

  7. Pride

    Once all of the sins holding you back are out of the way and you can sit back with your sterling new marketing asset management software serving your cloud based clients and colleagues all across the globe, then your thoughts may turn to pride. And that is a sin. Shame.

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