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Colour spaces and your digital asset management software

5th February 2016

Colour spaces are an incredibly important part of daily life for those who work with images and the subsequent display or printing of those images using digital asset management software.

Colour spaces and your digital asset management software

Whilst we will spare going into precise detail of this well-trodden area of expertise, it is worth knowing there are two primary methods of creating colour spaces when considering your DAM end-to-end solution – RGB and CMYK. What’s the difference? Quite a lot depending on whether you need to display those images online or print them out for use later. Red, Green, Blue is an ‘additive’ colour space and so you’d typically use this type for managing your files online to ensure they display perfectly. Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black (the K is deliberate) on the other hand is referred to as ‘subtractive’ and is used for the printing stage of your image management process for ensuring colour shades can be accurately applied to the paper.

New colour spaces are continually being released by camera manufacturers and software houses, et al, and you can be assured when managing your files with iBase that your image quality requirements have already been considered and you’re in safe hands. If you have any queries around storing any file type in the cloud or on premises then please do get in touch for a no obligation shoot of the breeze with one of the iBase team on sales@ibase.com or +44 (0)1943 60 36 36.

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