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Cloud DAM – do you need the cloud for your file storage requirements?

8th October 2015

The Collins English dictionary definition of ‘cloud’ has changed dramatically in recent years with the advent of cloud-based hosting offerings from companies such as Amazon.

cloud for your file storage requirements

When you’re considering whether to host your iBase Trinity software in the cloud, internally, or on our hosting servers, it’s important to decide who will be the primary audience for your software. For example, you could buy 4 availability zones from Amazon Web Services meaning that your DAM software will be served from the nearest server by geolocation, but this would be an overspend and entirely unnecessary if your only users were based in London.

Our digital asset management systems are fully compatible with both Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azure, including either Windows or Linux operating systems. We’re the experts in cloud-based digital asset management and if you have complex custom requirements then we invite you to get in touch on 01943 603636, or email us at sales@ibase.com.

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