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12th April 2018

What is cloud-based Digital Asset Management (DAM)?

A cloud-based DAM system is a subscription service which allows you to securely store, manage and share your image, video, sound and document files. In addition to their secure storage, it will hold their associated technical and descriptive metadata for easy searching and retrieval. Typically there are a number of ways of organising your files and various search mechanisms available to you, along with the ability to control which groups of users have what kind of access to your files.

What is the difference between cloud-based solutions versus on-site digital asset management?

With on-site DAM software, you will pay either a one-time fee or an annual subscription, and the software is installed into your own I.T. environment, on your own hardware and with the files stored on your own storage devices.

If you want external users to access your system, they will do so via your existing internet connection. If you have an existing technical environment which is suitable for the task, this may well be an attractive option.

With a cloud-based DAM solution on the other hand, the software, files and data are all held within the vendor's own hosting environment. With iBase, this means within Amazon's award-winning AWS environment, using clustered virtual servers which provide an environment with 99.99% guaranteed uptime and which scales effortlessly. This allows you to manage as many files and file types as you like, with unlimited users at no extra cost and without you needing to buy extra hardware as your storage requirements grow.

You also have the advantage of comprehensive user support included in the price and you pay only what you need to pay for the storage and bandwidth that you use.

What are the benefits of a cloud-based DAM?

There are a number of advantages to a cloud-based iBase DAM system:

  • Speed and security - all our systems are hosted in Amazon's award-winning AWS environment.
  • Complete scalability - our system and environment will grow to meet your requirements.
  • Regular upgrades - you always have the latest version of iBase.
  • Comprehensive user support included in the price.
  • No capital expenditure required on hardware - everything is hosted in our cloud-environment.
  • No need to maintain your own servers or storage systems.

Why do businesses need a cloud-based DAM?

The advantages of digital asset management systems are well known - they allow you to centralise all of your image, video, sound and document files, rather than having them scattered on network drives, USB sticks, users' desktops and temporary drives. They allow you to catalogue your files with information which is relevant to them and easy for you to search. They also allow you to control access to your files and share them in different ways with other users depending on what you want them to do.

An iBase cloud-based DAM has all of these features with the advantage that your assets are securely held within our hosted environment, always on the latest version of our feature-rich software, meaning no requirement for capital outlay on your own servers or the time and hassle of maintaining them. You'll also benefit from our second-to-none comprehensive user support at no additional cost.

If you are interested in talking to us about our cloud-based solution, or about any other aspect of your digital asset management requirements, give us a call on +44 1943 603636 or contact us below.

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