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Aberdeen City Libraries Increase Access to Collections

4th January 2016

In 2015 Aberdeen City Libraries installed seven interactive touch-screens in libraries across the city to increase awareness and accessibility of the library service’s resources, services and collections.

Aberdeen City Libraries Increase Access to Collections

The 42” Infrared Multi-Touch Screen Displays run off Windows based PCs by connecting a video signal (via VGA or HDMI) and USB for the touch functionality. The screens then serve as a computer monitor and the touch functionality acts as the mouse. The Touch Screen Displays also allow the user to view images in much greater detail than a PC by zooming in and out with Multi-Touch functionality; much like you would with a smart-phone.

The touch screen, combined with a suitable PC and connected to the internet, allows users to navigate to featured web links and enables access to an extensive range of digitally available information and resources, including Aberdeen City Libraries’ archive via the Silver City Vault.

Using the screens to access Silver City Vault in particular allows the user to magnify images and view items such as maps, plans and photographs in much greater detail than would be possible when physically handling the item.

The Silver City Vault is based on iBase Trinity and can be accessed at http://www.silvercityvault.org.uk. For more information on creating a public access archive with Trinity, contact iBase at sales@ibase.com, or call us on +44 (0) 1943 603636.

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