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What’s the most common configuration when starting a marketing asset management project?

25th July 2016

A flying start can often be had when starting your marketing asset management project by picking the brains of your end users as soon as possible in the specification process.

most common configuration when starting a marketing asset management project

There will clearly be project milestones and targets you’d like to formally achieve when picking a tool such as marketing asset management software. As they say the devil can be in the details and it can often be a real bugbear to over specify the DAM software before any end users have even touched it. Quite often the end users will provide substantial amounts of quality feedback on the particular workflows that their day to day worklife involves, right down to the number of clicks that need to be repeated to complete common tasks.

Marketing departments have a reputation as being more dynamic and creative and so when choosing an iBase digital asset management system you’ll discover we’ve given this quite a lot of thought. Is having the feature available for easily printing out digital asset previews with a limited amount of metadata displayed below an important one? Will users take this printout along to a sales meeting and make use of the ability to now scribble notes in the margin.

Our strong recommendation is to begin using our off the shelf configuration and then take the time to customise it after some time using it. By the time you’ve made a purchasing decision and are looking to create many layers of customisations, you may have actually only used the software for 30 minutes combined with an hour long demo which is probably not nearly long enough to make the best use of tailoring the marketing asset framework to your custom cloud requirements.

managing marketing asset using cloud software