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Requirements Case Study No. 4

10th August 2015

These are requirements that we have received, with information relating to the identity of the originator removed.

Requirements received

We are currently trialling image library software. We need software that reads EXIF GPS lat and long data off image meta data and stores it with the image.

We may need the service to be entirely cloud based or otherwise installed locally.

Requirements Case Study

Is there any facility within the software to protect copyrighted images that can only be used for a certain length of time and specific purposes?

Further permissions requirements.

  • A copyright expiry date can be stored in a metadata field.
  • Download is disabled if the current date is later than the copyright expiry date.
  • Download is available if the current date is earlier than the copyright expiry date.
  • Download is available if there is no copyright expiry date.

Can the copyright date field modification be made so that if any date is present (expired or not) that still only administrators can download it? So the standard user would still be able to upload and download all other images but if the copyright date field is populated then the image is simply not downloadable. NB only admins can edit the “copyright expiry date” field and download the image.

The comms dept need assurances that the copyrighted images are completed protected within the image library, they would hold the admin role together with me in IT and everyone else would be a standard user.

Requirements details.

  • Is there an option to apply a custom watermark to thumbnails as part of the upload process or after the images have been uploaded?
  • In our current system all the metadata (including keywords etc.) is embedded in a set of low res images and extracted and mapped over to custom fields as part of the upload process.
  • Thinking of the the upload workflow for transferring our existing collection, can metadata fields be mapped to ‘Subjects’ and/or ‘Collections’ automatically as part of the upload process?
  • I know you offer custom styling options and we may well be interested in this, but do you also allow customers to apply their own customisations?
  • Ideally, we would like to have a public facing as well as an internal facing Image library. Is there a case study/example website you could share with me showing a similar solution?

Requirements met: The iBase digital asset management system fulfils all of these requirements.

Find out more: For more information about iBase digital asset management and multi-media library systems, please get in get in touch with us at sales@ibase.com or +44 (0)1943 603636. We look forward to hearing from you.

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