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Organisation and control of production and delivery specifications

7th September 2015

All products and services have at least a few elements of specification – for example a text description, drawings, images and so on – for their manufacture or delivery, and most are likely to have many of them.

It is of course critically important that every individual element of specification is under full control and protected from loss and unauthorised changes, and this is exactly what a digital asset management system will do for you.

Organisation and control of production and delivery specifications

An iBase DAM system is the ideal solution for organising and managing production and delivery specifications.

Organisation and management tools

The tools available in an iBase digital asset management system for specification management include –

  • Ensuring there are no unauthorised changes to specifications by restricting access as required with the flexible security and permissions available for the purpose.
  • Provision for any one element of specification being used in more than one product or service, while retaining the principle of a single master ‘document’.
  • Groups and / or parent / child relationships may be used to ensure that no specification element can be overlooked for production or delivery.
  • Multiple items can be saved in temporary sets for ad-hoc requirements.
  • Using an item in multiple groups and sets doesn’t mean there will be many copies of it. The item isn’t replicated, it’s done with relationship links looked after by the iBase digital asset management system, and so nothing for users to be concerned with.

Try the iBase DAM system for yourself

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