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How Can DAM Help with Nature?

15th November 2020

How can DAM help with nature?

For many people, the natural environment is the most important thing in the world. After all, there’s no planet B. With that in mind, if something doesn’t help the plants and animals of the world, it’s not worth talking about.

Fortunately, that doesn’t apply to digital asset management (DAM). DAM software helps organisations in almost every sector imaginable, which includes those contributing to the world’s flora and fauna…

How Can DAM Help with nature?

DAM helping gardens bloom

The Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) is one of the most renowned gardening organisations in the world. It’s also one of our most long-established clients at iBase. As part of their mission to advance horticulture and promote gardening across the globe, the RHS has a vast array of digital content to share.

Books, journals, pictures and art in the RHS Lindley Library all help them spread the word about garden practices, plants, design and history. This includes the RHS Image Collection, with historical illustrations, expert advisory images and a wealth of information about pests, diseases and plant species.

With such a diverse range of assets dating back as far as 1514, managing and distributing their content is no mean feat. Thankfully iBase makes things easy with a feature-rich system for both internal management and external distribution. The software include active directory authentication, allowing users to login with existing RHS credentials for complete simplicity.

Protecting livestock with DAM

That’s flora covered, but what about fauna? DAM also helps animals across the world in the form of medical research and tools. GALVmed is an international charity dedicated to protecting livestock in developing countries. They do so by making vaccines, medicines and diagnostics available to countries where livestock is a lifeline.

As part of this, they’re tasked with managing a huge number of media assets relating to product development partnerships and research. Staff need to able to search and locate the assets they need, so they can provide a quick response when called upon. Not just for the animals, but for those whose livelihoods depend on them.

iBase provides a secure and innovative storage facility for all of these assets, allowing the GALVmed team – including remote users – to find exactly what they’re looking for. Advanced field search, search history and automatic search suggestions while typing makes asset retrieval quicker and easier. That’s paired with flexible security and authorisation, with file downloads based on a user’s permissions.

Again, the system is complete with active directory authentication, so it integrates well with their existing system with assets stored on an NAS drive. There’s also the option to switch to a user-facing library in future, should GALVmed want to showcase parts of their multi-media database to the public for viewing or downloading.

Can iBase help you?

If your organisation uses digital assets to raise awareness, share information or provide support in the natural environment and beyond, iBase can make sure you’re doing it in the easiest, most efficient way possible.

Our powerful digital asset management software can make it easier to store, retrieve, edit and share all manner of files, giving you more time to focus on what you do best. To find out more, simply contact our team.

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