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23rd February 2015

Your digital asset management system or public-facing media asset library is of course very important, whether the users are colleagues, clients or suppliers. If there’s something wrong with it, the urgency for a fix depends on the severity of problem and the extent to which it impacts on users.

For example, if a problem prevents most or all users from accessing the system or carrying out a fundamental or routine task, then it will be regarded as critical and something that needs to be sorted out as quickly and effectively as possible.


What follows is good support for a critical problem, whatever the ‘standard’ support response offered and at no additional cost.

  • For a hosting environment matter, if hosted by iBase Media Services you won’t even need to report it, because we’ll know – 24/7/365 and within minutes – that there’s a problem, which we’ll deal with immediately.
  • If it isn’t a hosting environment matter, in less than five minutes from reporting it you’ll receive a written acknowledgement – from a person not a machine – with an assurance that it will be dealt with as a first priority.
  • Within a few more minutes, you’ll receive either advice that the matter has been corrected or that an initial analysis of the problem has been carried out together with a good indication of how quickly it will be dealt with.

Here are some things to watch out for and avoid in digital asset management support agreements –

  • Any support desk that doesn’t have people at the front end, but relies on an automated online reporting system.
  • Target fix times much too long for dealing with critical matters.
  • A fair use policy that warns about using support too much, or not using online help systems enough.
  • Telephone support not being available or being a chargeable extra.
  • Online support ticket systems that ask endless questions, or which always try to direct you to documentation or that dreaded knowledgebase where you can spend an age not finding what you want.
  • User forums such as a Google Group where amateurs try to solve your problem, saving the supplier the bother.

In iBase Media Services we are very proud of our customer support – here’s why

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