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Sharing assets securely with digital asset management

3rd June 2015

There are many applications of digital asset management systems where it isn’t just a matter of users finding what they need.

Sharing assets securely with digital asset management

Do your users ever need to share digital assets with others, an individual, a group or even an entire department? For example –

  • A brand manager making designers aware of the materials that should be used to ensure a consistent brand and style.
  • Providing designers with copies of the materials – perhaps high resolution images – that they should use.
  • As part of a group or departmental exercise to select items for a particular requirement.
  • Supplying materials to PR departments for use in a press release.
  • PR departments sending material to external organisations such as newspapers, TV etc …

DAM features that enable sharing include –

  • Being able to save items to selections or sets which can then be made available to others.
  • Emailing links to individual items.
  • Saving multiple items to selections or sets, then emailing links to them.
  • Being able to download items at any pre-determined resolution or size.
  • Printing single or multiple items from a range of standard layouts.

Confidentiality and privacy

It might be necessary to ensure that no one other than intended recipients can see or use what are being shared or distributed. If this is the case, then useful or essential additional features of a DAM system are –

iBase for digital asset management systems.

As you might expect, the iBase DAM system does all of the above, and more. Why not take a look at Digital Asset Management by iBase and ask for a no obligation and free of charge trial and online demo. Or call us on +44(0)1943 603636

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