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Cloud video management solutions to stream and sell your video content online

27th June 2016

The world is moving towards a primarily video based way of online life we’re led to believe, and so standalone images and pictures in libraries will be left behind. So they say.

Cloud video management solutions to stream

Video management and the art of successfully managing all of your video files and metadata require the same in principles as when working with image management software. After uploading your video files such as MP4 and MKV, an HTML5 preview version is created for streaming more rapidly over the web – after all, you wouldn’t want to lug a 5GB movie across your network just to watch the first few seconds and realise it wasn’t the digital file you were looking for.

More and more users from brand management backgrounds are storing their streaming video and video media files in digital asset management cloud software so that clients and colleagues can gain access with restricted permissions. In a video management software package from iBase you can guarantee that we’ll provide all the advanced functionality you’ve come to expect such as video watermarking tools. Metadata mapping can also be provided at no additional charge and you can set them up for use as you go along – both technical metadata such as ICMP as well as descriptive metadata.

What do you think – will the old saying ‘a picture tells a thousand words’ be updated to tune in with the cloud video wave that’s on the horizon.

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