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Brand Asset Management

20th January 2015

Why is brand asset management so important?

After your product or service what is the single most important factor influencing the success of your business or organisation?

It’s probably how you are seen by others, in other words your image and brand.

Brand Asset Management

Most organisations already know this and yet so many think nothing of –

  • Not having a formal and secure way of storing the files used for their brand.
  • Allowing files to be kept on local drives or all thrown together in a folder somewhere, be it a local server or somewhere in a cloud.
  • Not cataloguing the assets that they have – what they were for originally, how they’ve been used, who created them and when, what did they cost, have any changes been made, and so on….
  • Somebody wasting an hour or more searching for something that someone thinks exists somewhere – and then not finding it.
  • Paying to have something recreated for a second or third time because the original work cannot be found.
  • Spending a lot of time searching for, collating and supplying material needed by an external agency, when it would be so much better for the external agency to do that work themselves.
  • Not having a status associated with each file, i.e. approved for use, by which department etc….
  • Not ensuring that every department can readily access and search a store of asset files.

A brand asset management system is exactly what you need to manage your brand assets, and make them accessible to everyone who needs them.

A brand asset management system will –

  • Ensure that nothing is ever lost.
  • Enable fast and accurate searching to find exactly the kind of thing being looked for.
  • Help with a cross-departmental consistency of approach and so avoid conflicts and contradictions.
  • Reduce costs through never having to recreate something when it can’t be found.
  • Maintain a record of what has been used, when and where.
  • Protect your brand and help you to stay one jump ahead of your competitors.
  • Enable external agencies, to who you have given access permissions, to search all or part of the database and download the material they need for your campaign.

In short, a system for tracking and ensuring the consistent application of the digital resources used to define a company’s brand, the logos, colours, graphics, images etc… for publicity material, documentation, websites and so on.

Brand asset management
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