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Balancing your workflow with productivity during digital asset management

18th April 2016

Modern software design and software as a service at present can have a capacity to over simplify and granulate areas of software functionality which in turn has reduced the amount of control that users have over their business processes. After all, you wouldn’t try to create a piece of music using an MP3 player.

Balancing your workflow with productivity during digital asset management

Our one size fits all digital asset management software will get you up and running in no time, but also we won’t sell you something that we immediately know won’t meet your requirements in full. That’s why we offer customisations to every facet of our software enabling us to tailor make it to meet your exact business requirements.

Quite often your organisation will have clear business processes that must be followed, and with just a little bit of writing down we’ll create a ‘glove fits hand’ match. For example, you may be a brand management company with multiple clients all wishing to store their digital assets in the cloud. It would be imperative that the clients could not see each others digital files, and also that you can view and edit any image or video whilst they would have a very restricted view all set of security permissions.

Creating the balance between software control, making your business life easier, and integrating with your existing digital asset management processes is our forte so please do get in touch.

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