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Automating daily tasks in marketing asset management software

1st August 2016

Automating daily tasks in marketing asset management software

The last thing on your mind should be repeating those every day boring and repetitive tasks, especially when we’re entering the age of the ‘bot’. Drag and drop files into a designated ‘watch folder’ on your workstation and let our marketing asset management software carry out the rest of the heavy lifting. Your images, video, audio and other files from the watch folder will be stored unaltered in their original format. Additionally, background preview versions will be created so that when looking for a particular image or video you won’t be required to download the large quality original each time, thus slowing you down.

All of the embedded metatag data will also be automatically mapped, and in some cases where configured you’ll find the image has been automatically scanned for marketing terms and suggested keywords have been included alongside. Our unique technology allows the form and function of your images to be perceived and pattern matched by our smart uploader.

So, from a simple drag and drop you’ll be left with all of your digital assets available in the web browser, with metatag data displayed alongside as well as preview resolutions. Lovely jubbly as they say on Yorkshire Day today in Ilkley West Yorkshire.

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