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Automatically organising your uploaded brand assets so that you don’t have to

13th June 2016

There’s an enormous amount of automation going on in the background when adding any type of file into the iBase brand asset management system. Whilst keeping all of your original files intact and unaltered, our DAM software is intelligently gathering information to make your life easier at the next stage of organising and displaying your metadata and images.

Automatically organising your uploaded brand assets

For instance, the document functionality operates to ensure you don’t need to make use of third party display plugins – all document pages are individually recreated so they can be displayed in your web browser, all organised and indexed for searching immediately.

All image metadata is automaticaly ingested and mapped, and then keywords are grouped together so you’ll always be able to naturally browse along to related content from the same page.

The final and most important aspect is for security – when managing your brand assets you need to be sure that users and clients can only see their restricted set of data and image resolutions. Afterall you wouldn’t want two of your seperate clients using the management interface to be aware of each other – it may turn out they’re competitors. You can rest safe this will never happen with the brand asset management configuration provide by iBase.

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