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30th November 2018

Some of the best open access digital collections

One of the many reasons that people choose to install a digital asset management (DAM) system is to enable their business to provide an open access online collection. A digital collection or library is essentially an online composition of files, for free and open use by the public.

Having an open access digital collection is a great way to advertise your business’s products or become a valuable source of information. This could be an online gallery displaying a new artists’ collection or a museum showcasing artefacts, for instance.

Whether you use a digital collection for educational purposes, or solely for your own entertainment, an open source library can be a great tool for everyone. Want to know more? Our guide to the best open access digital collections will take a closer look at some of the best collections available.

What is a digital asset manager

Tate Britain

As the home of British art since 1500, the Tate Britain is home to some of the nation’s favourite art pieces. Now, you don’t have to travel to the gallery to see some of the impressive works on display. Their online gallery uses a number of digital asset management systems and photo libraries to store, manage and distribute digitised works of art.

World Rugby

Located in the heart of Dublin, World Rugby is the world governing and law-making body for Rugby Union. They use a DAM system to enable users and contributors around the world to upload and access online material.

Journalists and fans who attend games and tournaments across the globe have a central repository for uploading their footage, allowing the free and open viewing of a range of rugby-related files.

Edinburgh City Libraries

The Capital Collections online library is home to a large range of images from featured collections of Edinburgh city libraries and museums. Their public website allows users to access a range of images from past and new exhibitions, providing an educational and informative look at the work of the Scottish capital’s libraries and museums.

Mercedes Benz Club

The oldest car manufacturer, Mercedes-Benz, uses an iBase digital asset management platform to manage their large archive of historic images and documents, making them available to view online. System managers and editors can upload images and digitised documents, adding relevant metadata and tags to allow users to quickly and easily find what they want.

Lancashire County Council

Lancashire council makes use of an iBase DAM system to grant public access to collections of local photographs, postcards and historic newspaper articles. As well as offering items for download and purchase, there are a number of free-to-view files for open access. The files are organised with the inclusion of specific metadata tags which are displayed online.

Publicise your files with iBase

If you want to provide an open-access digital collection for public use, we’re here to help. At iBase, we specialise in providing high-quality, easy to use digital asset management systems and photo libraries. We can set up, manage and publish your digital collection, leaving you the time to focus on the fun stuff.

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A Guide to the Best Open Access Digital Collections