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Manage to rise in a sea of metadata and digital assets

9th May 2016

Cataloguing brand assets using a brand asset management piece of software can bring on a certain case of the blues when considering and planning for the size of the task ahead. Don’t panic, help is at hand with iBase DAM.

Manage to rise in a sea of metadata and digital assets

Committing to learning all the new functions of a new piece of software is as daunting for some as the process of cataloguing all of the metadata and making it available to third parties, securely and safely via an API or public facing website. Safe in the knowledge you’ve ticked ‘minimum cognitive load for software training’ off your checklist, you’ll then find the task of rapidly ingesting and organising your embedded metadata using iBase will be a doddle using our well trodden, tried and customer tested tools for the job.

One of our core principles is ‘never leave any data behind’ and so if you’re planning a data migration project or anything at all do to with Digital Asset Management then drop us a line.

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