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Logging onto your digital asset management system using Active Directory

8th March 2016

Whilst waiting for a password revolution to free us from the bonds of remembering numerous passwords for an increasing number of websites, we’re making sure your life is made as easy as possible when using your enterprise digital asset management software with the iBase active directory interface.

digital asset management system using Active Directory

It’s a fair point that iris or fingerprint recognition might be a touch of overkill for protecting your digital assets, and indeed being forced to choose a 10 digit alphanumeric password containing one uppercase character and a number, and a special character, and which should be changed every 3 months, and isn’t similar to the previous password by 3 characters…and..and…it goes on…and it’s exhausting.

Active Directory authentication aims to bridge this gap, allowing your existing Windows login to be used for seamlessly accessing your digital asset management software in our SaaS cloud, or just on your internal network. Multiple active directory servers can be referenced making your dam software truly global – perhaps you’d like to check the USA active directory servers first, then if nothing is found then check the UK and Europe.

All the while you can be confident that all login credentials being communicated are doubly encrypted – first via Kerberos 5 at a network authentication level and secondly using enterprise grade TLS 1.3 with AES encryption over HTTPS.

If you’d like any further information at all then please browse our site and get in touch via the usual call to action buttons.

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