Scott Dunn Holidays

An internal multimedia library for Scott Dunn, who are an award-winning specialist tour operator who create luxury holidays and honeymoons to amazing destinations all over the world.

Multimedia digital asset management

iBase digital asset management enables -

  • External agencies or staff can store images and group them by many data tags such as geographical taxonomy, primary image colours or scene contents.
  • Images containing embedded metatag data are automatically mapped to data fields during upload.
  • Watched folders on the network are automatically checked every minute for new content and new images are automatically uploaded to their DAM system.
  • Metadata mappings are easily managed using the iBase web browser interface - all image meta tags are supported.
  • Image usage information is stored allowing staff to specify when an image has been used along with resolution and location data for example.
  • The iBase API is used to extract images directly from within their DAM solution and embed them within the main company website.
Scott Dunn using iBase Online Multimedia Library